I am an adventurous soul who loves to wander on rocky, dirt trials, take risks and push physical and mental boundaries. And I am also a successful corporate executive who believes women can be fiercely feminine in a corporate world sharing our gifts to nurture, communicate and lead with power. I love sharing this message by speaking to audiences and sharing my personal experiences and stories.

I strive to coach, guide and inspire others so they can do anything they want to achieve. My belief is that we are all powerful beings with the unlimited potential to experience truly amazing lives at work and at home. I do this by supporting clients to go beyond what they believe is possible, naturally motivating them to take action and engage more deeply in their organizations and personal relationships. Then we create a clear, strategic plan of action which allows clients to achieve peak performance and do things they never thought possible.


Bronwyn is the consummate pro. She kindly provided an in-depth interview for my monthly newsletter and upcoming book around Confidence at Work. She provided honest insight around the “confidence breaker” of being at the top of her professional game and losing her job. Readers said, what they appreciated most was Bronwyn’s raw honesty about her feelings AND strategies for moving forward.

Bronwyn’s own experience of being a leading producer and now a Career Coach specializing in professional transition is ideal skills to share with anyone who wants to explore next steps.

Tracy Hooper, Founder, Confidence Project, Portland, Oregon

Bronwyn’s “Be Bold” program helped me to identify the areas in which I wanted to develop myself.  Her one-on-one coaching, combined with the collaborative group sessions, gave me a perspective I didn’t fully grasp prior to participating in her program.  It has been an empowering opportunity to engage with other professional women, identify the ways we are all similar, and embrace the ways in which we are different.  I’ve learned and grown so much in my thinking and my application of this new understanding over the course of a very quick month!  I have boldly moved in the direction of action toward the goals I set for myself, and I’m looking forward to continued engagement with her and the amazing group of women I’ve met so far. 

Lisa Moctezuma, 1st Corporate Trainer, Pacific Union Financial LLC.

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