Executive and Performance Coaching

Executive Coaching

This Executive program for clients who want to transform and become more effective and powerful leaders in their organizations, as it allows for the right amount of attention to accelerating the change process. This program includes longer tailored one-on-one sessions between coach and client and focuses on business circumstances to reach desired results.  Includes the Energy Leadership Index Assessment and debrief full-day immersion launch and customized one on one coaching.

Performance Coaching

This program is ideal for managers and production staff. The focus is on creating effective communication with staff or with clients to achieve desired results. A great program for unlocking peoples potential, performance, and increasing revenue.

Team Coaching

A great alternative for companies who still seek powerful transformational results for teams. Group coaching sessions take place via online web conferencing platforms (e.g. Voom), have no limit on participants, and follow the lessons outlined in the Energy Leadership™ system.

**Most programs include the Energy Leadership Assessment and use the ELDS* Energy Leadership System

ELI* Assessments

The essential gateway for working together, as it forms the initial launch point for the Energy Leadership Development System, helping give you a baseline for your current performance and situation. This assessment and debrief session determines participants engagement, commitment, and attitude as well as blocks and stress tendencies. Taken by more than 25,000 participants, the ELI provides data on how leaders are directly affected by their perceptions, attitudes and behaviors that influence their overall ability to succeed.

Energy Leadership System

  • Seven Levels of Leadership
  • Leadership strengths and gaps
  • Removing barriers to success
  • Dynamic Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Productivity


 “Working with Bronwyn has had a strong impact on how I operate as a leader.  When we started working together I had been in my upper management position for only 6 months.  She helped me examine who I truly want to be as a leader and put words around it so I can move in that direction.  I got clarity on how to handle the undesirable elements of management, what insecurities were slowing me down, and how to listen to my co-workers in a deeper, more intentional way.  In the office, everyone has noticed a difference and I have more tools to confront hard situations or people in a dynamic yet vulnerable manner.  Thank you, Bronwyn!”