Master Mind Groups

In my 27 years in the Mortgage industry, I have seen a need to empower and engage women as leaders for our future. There is a gap in how women hold themselves back that leaves a hole in a business where our gifts are very needed. As a result, my passion is to work with groups of women to inspire them with new practical tools and a way of leading that is powerful, supportive and creates success.
The purpose is to have women share their gifts and not hold back from what they truly want in work and in life.  I made the leap from Mortgage Banking to Executive Coaching not too long ago and I love supporting others to jump into their greatness and what they truly desire.

We look at:

“How can you bring more of your unique strengths to your work? How can you tap into other people’s perceptions of your uniqueness? How do you work most effectively? How do you build support around you so you can work more in your zone of genius? What is your preferred selling and influencing style? How can you use your preferred style to maximize your energy? How do you naturally allocate your energy? How do you naturally make decisions?”– John Maxwell Certified Speaker Trainer and Coach – Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

What are Master Mind Groups?

This 3-month mastermind program teaches practical skills to empower women to share their voices and gifts at work and in their lives. We do this by learning how to identify our inner critic, recognize fear, how to use powerful language and intentional action.

How it works:

  • Energy Leadership Assessment to determine your effectiveness as a leader in your life and work
  • 2 time a month group Zoom video conference -One on one coaching to focus on desired results and accountability
  • Monthly One on one coaching to focus on desired results and accountability


Heidi“After this mastermind, what I came away with was more confidence and the feeling that “I am not alone” out there in the business world as a woman.  We all know that there can be different perceptions and expectations of the way women handle themselves in business and this group was really an empowering force that allowed the whole group to share their stories, ideas and have deep discussions” – Heidi Boscola


“Bronwyn has an uncanny ability to lead a diverse group of women towards inner knowledge, strength, and action” – Rhiannon Bolen