Leadership Mastery Series

Courageous Leadership 

Coming soon 2020:

This group workshop is designed to inspire women to embrace their brilliant qualities as courageous leaders to make a positive impact in our world. We will  discuss  and break through the issues women face today and how to overcome them.

Evolve your badass self!

Coming soon:

Workshop for women- Boulder, CO.

How to show up more confident and communicate with power

In my 27 years in the Mortgage industry, I have seen a need to empower and engage women as leaders for our future. There is a gap in how women hold themselves back that leaves a hole in the workplace where our gifts are very needed. As a result, my passion is to work with groups of women to inspire them with new practical tools and a way of leading that is powerful, supportive and creates success. The participants walk away motivated, ready to embrace their brilliance and let go of how we hold ourselves back

Part 1. What holds us back from sharing our brilliant ideas and gifts, creativity and gifts? In this section of the workshop, we take a deep dive into how we can overcome our own limiting beliefs and move up the empowerment ladder. We distinguish the types of fears and the impact to our careers, goals, and relationships.

Part 2. Women often feel pressure to adhere to the feminine norms of being “nice” “calm” or a “peacekeeper”. We are careful with our speech and gestures, walking a fine line to get our message across, without appearing too domineering. Others often perceive this as timid, tentative, and even a sign of self-doubt. How can we convey warmth, truthfulness, and friendliness while still relaying our message in a powerful manner? In this section of the workshop, Bronwyn will discuss the top 5 common undermining speech habits. We will work together to practice owning space and presence at a board meeting, as well as effectively using hand gestures to hold the attention of an audience. During this interactive hour-long session, we will come together as women to talk about how we navigate oral and written communication.